Periskop is a non-profit association based in Vienna that works towards changing the current system and building a society based on solidarity and ecological justice. A periscope enables new perspectives – this is what we aim to facilitate with out work. Find out more about our theory of change.

Our Projects

Writing Workshop – the Imperial Mode of Living
Having started in January 2019, the writing workshop is an advanced training programme on the topic of the “Imperial mode of living”, which takes the form of a participative working and writing process.

Stay Grounded
….is a growing global network of local airport opposition groups, climate justice activists, NGOs, trade unionists, academics, groups supporting alternatives to aviation like night trains, and organisations supporting communities which struggle against offset projects or biofuel plantations.

Educational Work
We offer a variety of workshops on topics related to climate change, socio-ecological transformation, and the “imperial mode of living”.

Supporting the process of bachelor or master thesis
With our work we aim to strengthen the link between science and civil society. Therefore, we offer support for students who are working on their bachelor’s or master’s thesis on topics related to socio-ecological change. The findings can then be used for educational purposes and/or political campaigns.