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Case study (February 2022):

A case study on the Omega Green Biofuel refinery in Paraguay

Biofuels are a part of the aviation industry’s promise of green flying through technological ‘solutions’ and are therefore being massively promoted. This case study examines one specific planned production site, the Omega Green biorefinery project. Omega Green is the first so-called advanced biofuel refinery in South America. It is being built by the Brazilian company ECB in Paraguay, a small South American country characterised by its tropical forests and abundant water. The refinery, one of the world’s largest to date, aims to primarily produce aviation biofuels in a country with very little demand for them. The main feedstocks for the refinery are expected to be soybean oil, animal fats from the beef industry and pongamia oil. The case study asks: Why is the first advanced biofuel refinery in the region, and one of the largest in the world, being built in Paraguay? And can this be sustainable?

The case study by Heñói – Paraguayan study centre for the promotion of democracy, human rights and socio-environmental sustainability, was commissioned by Stay Grounded together with Biofuelwatch and the Global Forest Coalition.